Let a “Coach” Lead Your Retirement Game Plan.

Bradford Consulting Group is here to help you with various concerns regarding retirement. Check out the host of services we offer!

  • Financial game plan

    We help you set financial goals and achieve them efficiently.

  • Retirement

    There is a lot of planning that goes into ensuring a peaceful retirement. Benefit from our services.

  • Social security strategy

    Make the most of your social security benefits with the right strategy in place.

  • Fixed index annuities

    Bradford Consulting Group offers you fixed index annuities through a reliable insurance company.

  • Medicare planning

    It is important to place an emphasis on your healthcare plan. Let us help you with that!

In football, SPRINTS are an important segment of conditioning. We use this same acronym S.P.R.I.N.T.S. to educate Baby Boomers about Fixed Index annuities:

  • S= Safety.

    No one has ever lost a penny using a fixed index annuity.

  • P=Probate avoidance.

    Proceeds go to loved ones without the cost of probate.

  • R=Rate of return.

    Interest credits are competitive for a risk-free product.

  • I=Income for life.

    Receive a paycheck that you cannot outlive.

  • N=No fees or administration costs.

    100% of your funds go to work for you, day 1.

  • T=Tax advantages.

    No taxes are due until there is a withdrawal.

  • S=Social Security taxation is based on income.

    You control the income!

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