Let a “Coach” Lead Your Retirement Game Plan.

Planning for retirement is the MOST CRITICAL DECISION that you will make for the rest of your life. (Due to longer life expectancy, most retirees will be retired for more than 20 years). Poor or improper planning can make a huge difference in your quality of life during your Retirement Years. Many people spend more time planning a vacation than they do planning their retirement plan. Consider the following:

Choosing to start Social Security too soon could cost you and your family more than $100,000. Social Security should replace about 40% of your pre-retirement income. Request a Free Personalized Social Security Timing Report. (a $250 value)

Bradford Consulting Group
Bradford Consulting Group

Retirement Income planning usually comes from 3 sources: 1. Social Security 2. Pension 3. Converting or drawing from your 401k, 403b, 457, TSP, IRA, savings, CD’s, money market, brokerage account or annuity. Where is your income going to come from?

You basically qualify for Medicare at age 65. The options and terms are mind boggling: Part A; Part B, Part D, Plan G, Co-pays, deductibles, donut hole, Advantage plans, Medigap plans, networks, etc. Missing certain decision dates can result in a penalty for life. Take advantage of our free comparative analysis.

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