Let a “Coach” Lead Your Retirement Game Plan.

Bradford Consulting Group
Bradford Consulting Group

Welcome to Bradford Consulting Group!

Bradford Consulting Group has been working with Baby Boomers since 1995 to assist them with the three most common areas of concern during retirement:

  • A game plan for Retirement Income that can’t be outlived.
  • A game plan for Social Security (Get a FREE personalized Social Security Timing report).
  • A game plan for Medicare strategies to ensure an affordable healthcare plan.

We serve

  • Alabama

  • South Mississippi

  • Georgia

  • Florida (Panhandle)

Our Mission

Our Mission is to “coach” and assist Baby Boomers with their “Three Legged Retirement Stool” which includes:

  • 1 Income for Life.
  • 2 Choosing the Best Social Security Optimization strategy.
  • 3 Medicare coordination.

Proper planning can guarantee financial independence and the best affordable healthcare options. HOPE…..is not a Plan!

Bradford Consulting Group

What Sets Us Apart

Bradford Consulting Group relies on our 25 years of retirement planning strategies using 14 different insurance companies to develop an overall game plan. This allows us to research the best options for you. We have never charged a fee and no one has ever lost a “penny” due to market down turns using our available products.

The Winning Formula

Coach Bradford’s formula for excellence started at a young age when he was able to overcome a serious eye injury and go on to excel in football, basketball, and baseball. After graduating from The University of Alabama, he started his 21 year teaching and coaching career including stints on the football staff at Alabama and the University of Louisville. He was recently inducted, along with his father, into the Colbert County Athletic Hall of Fame.

Our Coaches


Brad Bradford

For more than 25 years, Coach Brad has assisted retirees and near-retirees with more than $100,000,000 (one hundred million) in fixed index annuities.


Susan Bradford

As a former cheerleader at Auburn University, Susan knows the true meaning of teamwork and family.

With Bradford Consulting Group’s Services, Your Complete Retirement Plan Puzzle Fits Together.

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